How to Be a Good Houseguest

Just received a guest invitation? Become the world's best overnighter with these gracious tips. We think it's something to aim for.

True Style
Be a Good House Guest with Ryan Homes

Being thoughtful is the best way to be an A+ houseguest. Follow these tips and you're sure to be invited back.

Arrive with a Fab Gift

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It doesn't need to be something expensive­. A few bars of beautifully scented bath products, a bottle of wine, or a humorous book are easy ideas. You can either bring the gift with you, or have it shipped before your arrival. Need more hostess gift ideas? has some great ones.

Keep Your Room Tidy

Even if you're closing the guest door behind you (and you always should), make sure your bed is made and your belongings are neatly put in one area. Although it might be your room for the weekend, you're still in someone else's space.

Practice Bathroom Etiquette

If you're sharing a bathroom with your hosts, keep your toiletry bag in your bedroom while you're not using it. Try to leave the bathroom as if you weren't there—no toothpaste in the sink and no hair in the shower drain. Wipe all counters down after you use them.

Pitch In

After dinner, help clear the table, load the dishwasher, and clean any pots or pans. If you're staying a while, ask where the cleaning supplies are. Offer to clean the bathroom or throw a load of towels into the washing machine. Although your hosts might tell you not to bother, they'll definitely appreciate you asked.

Stick to the Program

Inform your hosts about your arrival and departure times, and don't change the plan unless you have to. If you're going to arrive late, let your hosts know so they can reschedule their day if they want.

Pick Up the Tab

If your hosts plan to shop for dinner groceries during your stay, offer to go to the market for them, or pay the bill. Spending a few nights? Take your guests out for breakfast, pick up bagels in the morning, or treat them to dinner. All are great ways to say thanks.

Ryan Homes Tip: Follow up your stay with a note on quality stationery. Better than an email, we think a handwritten note is still the best way to express heartfelt thanks.