Budget Decorating Brainstorm

Our most stylish friends share their ingenious decorating and DIY ideas.

True Style

Whether you have a new home or are just obsessed with decorating, here are some ideas and photos to inspire you.

Tim built this edgy bookcase from one-inch piping and plywood. Total cost was around $300.

Marina made a unique and funky clock out of an old hubcap.

Marilyn ordered these sleek frames from The Perfect Picture Wall (www.theperfectpicturewall.com) to create a modern gallery of her family.

Lauren, a graphic designer, created a romantic wall cameo by tracing photos of herself and her husband. She filled in the images, enlarged them, and placed them in an Ikea frame.

Our Wanna-Be Decorators Speak:

“The best throw pillows are on Etsy.com. Just type in what you're looking for and a zillion choices appear.” -Claire

Modern Digital Canvas is an amazing resource for affordable modern art.” – Sarah

“Two words: Geometric wallpaper! Great in a bathroom or lining the back of a bookcase.” – Katie

Pinterest is a great resource for home decorating ideas. Cheaper than magazine subscriptions!” – Kristi

“Buy inexpensive, beautiful paper at Paper Source and frame it. When you get tired of it, you can swap out the paper for only a few dollars.” – Samantha

“Buy one or two dramatic statement makers for each room. Spend your money there and find cool consignment for the rest.” – Jungeun

“Shop Anthropologie sales for great deals.” – Jennifer

Ryan Homes Tip: If you don't have dimmer switches, swap in 15-watt bulbs to create a candlelight effect. A great solution when you're having a party.