All About Fences

They're pretty, and they provide privacy and security. But what kind of fence do you really need?

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Choices abound when it comes to fencing. Give some thought to these items before you pay the fence man.

Why Do You Want a Fence?

Determine what you'd like your future fence to accomplish. Different fences work better for different things. For starters:

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  • Do you want to add curb appeal to your landscape?
  • Maybe your wife enjoys privately sunbathing in her bikini?
  • Is traffic noise a problem?
  • Need to stop your pets or kids from escaping the yard?
  • Are deer munching your beautiful plants?
  • Do you need to gate a swimming pool?

Fence Styles

Once you figure out your goals, you can choose a style. Here's just a sampling of what's out there:

Chain Link – These are the least expensive and most utilitarian. We wouldn't recommend them for the front of the house because they're, well, not that attractive.

Lattice and Basket Weave – A good choice if you need semi-privacy and want air to flow through your area.

Wrought Iron – Pretty with American and Victorian architecture, wrought iron fences are mostly for landscape adornment.

Picket Fence – A charming, classic choice, picket fences offer pet and kid security, privacy, plus establish boundaries.

Post and Rail – A decorative choice, and quite lovely, we think.

Stockade – A total barrier, these provide real privacy.

Paint That Fence!

What? You don't want to be bothered? Then don't install a painted fence, because they'll need to be touched up or repainted every year or two. Materials that can be maintained with just a good spray of the hose include natural wood, stained wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Metals, which appear the same on all sides (a bonus), will require rust proofing.

Words to the Wise

  • Fencing around a swimming pool needs to meet local safety regulations for height, spacing, and ground clearance. Check with your buildings department.
  • Find out if your neighborhood association has rules regarding fences. In some communities, fences require building permits.
  • Natural fencing, such as privet hedging, is a beautiful way to create privacy. Just make sure plantings are grown within your property lines.
  • Be upfront with your neighbors regarding fencing plans. And if you're building a party fence, put your agreement in writing.

Ryan Homes Tip: Unless you're incredibly handy, hire a professional. Certain fences can be tough to install. You can find a local contractor through the American Fence Association.