13 Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas

Lift (or deaden) your spirits with these spine-chilling decorations.

True Style

To take advantage of October's ominous vibe, get crafty inside and outside your home.

Tilt your artwork. Having a party? Turn all of the framed wall pictures in different directions and hang fake cobwebs off of them. Creepy, right?

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Sweeten your votives. Fill clear glass hurricanes with a few inches of candy corn and white pillar candles. You can also use black and orange jellybeans for a similar look.

Transform a pumpkin into a wicked centerpiece. This is pretty easy: Spray paint some tree branches black, stick them into the top of a carved gourd, and hang a bunch of cut- out bats from them. Delish shows you how.

Bling out your pumpkins. Place a collection of seven to 12 pumpkins along the hearth of your fireplace. Spray paint a few of them gold and silver.

Creep it up with black ivy. Here's a good fireplace mantel design: Buy faux ivy from the crafts store—or pull some from your yard—and spray paint it black. Drape it from your fireplace mantel or use as garland.

Make the most of an eerie tree. An idea from Country Living: Place a few faux black crows and fake (lightweight) pumpkins onto the branches of a tree that's bare or losing leaves.

Disturb your dining room lighting. Drape webbing or white cheesecloth from the arms of any chandelier. Using dental floss, dangle some fuzzy black spiders, too.

Bloody your candlesticks. Drip red candle wax over white tapered candles. Place them into silver holders for elegant horror.

Go for a black and white theme. Think skulls on black platters, black candles in white holders, and albino pumpkins decorated with black Sharpie markers—all together, it's a chic look.

Add a little death to your furniture. Cover the backs of your chairs in black tulle and fasten with silk black ribbon. A fun idea if you're having a party.

Spook your flower arrangements. Red or white roses lose their romantic vibe when you add black feathers to the mix.

Haunt your house. Affix white or ivory cheesecloth with adhesive hooks from entryways and doorways. Cut vertical strips with scissors and tear with your fingers to create a tattered, eaten look. Glue on tiny black plastic spiders for added spookiness. Or make it easier, and buy some creepy cloth from Oriental Trading.

Turn up the ominous lighting. Switch some of your usual bulbs with blacklight bulbs and decorate the outside of your house with orange rope lights.

Ryan Homes Tip: Be super-careful if you're lighting lots of candles on Halloween—remember to keep them away from curtains and hanging decorations.