The Best Winter Houseplants

Bring a whiff of spring inside with these beautiful, easy-to-grow plants.

Living Green

Winter doldrums getting you down? Remind yourself that spring will come again (it will!) with these lush plants that can be easily grown indoors.


Originally grown in the Mediterranean, lavender is a go-to herb for aromatherapy, soaps and sachets. If you're looking for something with a heavenly scent, French lavender is one of the best indoor plants. You can start lavender from seed, or buy young plants to immediately experience those fragrant, tiny blue-purple flowers. Note: lavender needs access to your sunniest windowsill.

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Scented Geraniums

Geraniums are available in a variety of scents including lemon, lime, rose, ginger (and even chocolate). Surprisingly, their fragrance comes from their thick and hairy leaves, not their flowers (who would have thought?). Check with your local nursery to see what they offer and recommend.

Cuban Oregano

A beautiful plant with fuzzy, green leaves, Cuban oregano actually originated from India and grew in popularity throughout the tropics. It's really easy to grow and has a spicy aroma.

Sweet Bay

Also known as Bay Laurel, Sweet Bay is a slow-growing shrub that can become a small tree if you allow it to grow. Sweet Bay leaves aren't just pretty—they can be used in soups, stews or any other recipe. Read growing tips here.


Originating in Asia, this beautifully sweet-smelling plant is easy to care for as long as you don't keep your house really warm or let the soil dry out. Jasmine is known for its beautiful clusters of starry flowers. Place it in a south or east-facing window, and if you want it to climb, put a tiny trellis stake into the pot.


Who doesn't love the scent of orange, lemon or grapefruit? Citrus plants are really easy to grow, but they need a bright indoor location. Don't buy them from seeds because they'll take too long to grow—buy a grafted variety instead. HGTV explains how to care for your citrus plants through winter.

Moth Orchids

Symbolizing love, luxury and rare beauty, flower lovers go gaga over orchids. Moth orchids, an easy variety to care for, are the ones that you often see sold in the supermarket. They require very little maintenance and only require filtered light and average soil moisture.


Part of the daffodil family, paperwhites can be forced to flower indoors any time of the year. Their strong fragrance makes them an ideal pick-me-up for winter's bleakest days. According to Better Homes and Gardens, the bulbs don't even need soil. Just add enough water to cover the lower portion of the bulb, and you're good to go.

Ryan Homes Tip: Don’t stop at watering. Treat your plants to fertilizer to keep them healthy.