Must-Have Garden Tools

Our crew of aspiring gardeners got together and shared which tools make yard work easier.

Keeping House
Tools to grow a garden with Ryan Homes

Keep your garden beautiful (and your back from going out) by investing in quality tools. Here's our list. Home Depot, here we come!

Shovel – You'll need a shovel to move soil, to dig plants out, and to move around piles of sand or gravel from your property. Remember to have the blade sharpened every year.

Good Gardening

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Hand Trowel – Even the occasional gardener needs a hand trowel for planting small annuals in pots, planting herbs and veggies, and for mixing potting soil.

Garden Hoe – To cultivate soil and remove young weeds (without having to kneel), you'll need a one of these. Like your shovel, it needs to be sharpened every year.

Garden Rake – Every shed needs a rake to clean up fall leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and other debris.

Gardening Gloves – Look for gloves that are breathable—and can protect you from scrapes, thorns and blistering.

Garden Shears – Shears are good for cutting small stalks and dead flowers. Loppers, which are more powerful, are a must if you have trees or shrubs that need pruning and shaping.

Garden Spade – A garden spade has a flat, squared-off blade that's great for digging holes and for edging flowerbeds.

Dandelion Digger – In addition to dandelions, these are great for removing other weeds that have long roots.

Watering Wand – These helpful attachments let you water hard-to-reach raised beds, planters, and window boxes. Look for a model that has different water settings.

Ryan Homes Tip: Consider investing in a gardening stool if your back often bothers you while you garden.