Grandma's Favorite Cleaning Secrets

Good ol' granny knew how to keep a house nice. Here, a few of the tricks she passed down to us.

Keeping House
Keep your house clean with Ryan Homes

We all got together and shared all of our grandmas' smart tricks. And now, we pass them on to you.

“If candle wax drips on your tablecloth, rub it with an ice cube until they get hard, and use a butter knife to pop them off.” – Lauren

“Pour some baking soda in the washing machine to remove the musty smell from towels.” – Maraina

Keeping a Home Like New

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“At the end of the day, pick up miscellaneous items throughout the house, and put them into a pick-up basket. When you have more time, you can put everything in its proper place.” – Maria

“If you hate to iron, take shirts out of the dryer while they're still damp, and just put them on a hanger. They straighten out pretty well.” – Cody

“Clean spills on the stove top while they're still warm. They're much harder to clean once they're cold.” – John

“Sprinkle baking soda on carpet and let sit for several minutes before vacuuming. Keeps things fresh!” – Carrie Ann

Bartenders Friend cleaner is great to for stainless steel. It makes it look like new.” – Chris
“Great dusting trick: Put a pillowcase over ceiling fan blades. When you pull it off, the dust goes into case instead of all over room.” – Sarah
“Flip your couch cushions with every weekly cleaning to extend their wear.” – Tara

Ryan Homes Tip: Use green cleaning products instead of ones with harsh chemicals. You can find them in your local market or a health food store.