Selecting Features to Create a Chic Home

Get tips and insight to turn your house into a home. Read on.

True Style

Personalizing a new home with features and finishes can be exciting, but also a tad overwhelming. Here are a few ways to customize feature elements to make your new abode reflect your taste and lifestyle.

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Countertops and Cabinets
The kitchen is a focal point for most homes, and the choices you select will set the tone. It’s important to decide how the features will look and function in the overall scheme of your room.

Are you looking for modern surfaces with bold angles and curves, or do you prefer a cozy and country style with shabby chic elements? Do you like a monochromatic palette, or contrasting colors that accent and highlight? Your counters and cabinets are the face of your kitchen, so pick something that is timeless and will work even if your tastes change. It's important to choose features that look fresh and modern, but are also durable and practical for your lifestyle.

Choose flooring that best suits how you live, where you live, and your personal style. For example, if you live in a more tropical climate and have a family, you might want to consider tile instead of hardwood. It looks and feels cool, it works in high-traffic areas, and shows less wear and tear.

Paint Color
Pick the right paint to set the right mood. Cool and neutral shades are calming and feel clean, whereas vibrant colors like deep reds and golds evoke a more social atmosphere.

Debating which colors you prefer? Pick your favorite color in a favorite piece of art, antique, or rug. Unsure where to start with a color you like? Experiment. Choose a small area like a nook, a short hallway, or an accent wall that’s quick to finish so you can see your results sooner.

A home is an extension of your personality, and should be a haven where you can relax and be yourself. At Ryan Homes, we believe the best way to accomplish that is to involve you in the design process—from start to finish.