Labor-Free Labor Day Party

Throw a fantastic Labor Day party without breaking a sweat. It's time to celebrate relaxation.

True Style

For those of you who can't resist entertaining, we have a few ways to make your Labor Day shindig (almost) work-free.

Easy Outfits for All
You know the old-fashioned rule about not wearing white after Labor Day? Celebrate it to the max and request that your guests wear all white to your Labor Day party. The uniform look will keep the mood festive and elegant (and will help everyone decide what to wear). There—you just made life easier for everyone, including yourself.

No To-Order Cocktails
Why haul all the bottles out of the liquor cabinet? Keep your drink menu super-simple by whipping up a delicious punch that everyone will love. Bourbon and peach iced tea is a perfect way to toast the end of summer: Mix 3 cups of bourbon, 4 cups of iced tea, 2 cups of bottled peach nectar and 1 cup of lemon juice together. Throw in some fresh sliced peaches. This concoction should serve 10 people. Easy.

No-Cook Meals
Fire up the grill? Turn on the stove? That's too much work. Prepare simple room-temperature dishes, instead. Try this low-work menu:

  • Toss cubed watermelon with cubed feta cheese and shredded basil.
  • Thaw some already-cooked, frozen shrimp. Serve with cocktail sauce.
  • Toss canned (and rinsed) cannellini beans, chickpeas, kidney beans and green beans with red onion, chopped parsley and your favorite Italian vinaigrette. Serve with seeded crackers.
  • Create a delish cheese plate with some unexpected choices. Everyone loves cheese.
  • For dessert, go for ice cream with fresh berries and whipped cream.

A few final thoughts: This isn't the party for thumping house music; keep the tunes mellow. And to keep your Labor Day party truly chill, ask your guests one small favor—make conversation about anything but work.