How to Create a Man Cave

Need a hideaway to call your very own? A place free of toys, clutter, and bills? Step right up.

True Style

Although you presumably love the people in your home, there are moments when you're just dying to be alone? We understand. Here are some ideas on building a personal refuge. Opposite sex: Do not enter.

Things You'll Need for Your Man Cave

Plan for a Cave

If you're shopping for a new place to call home, think about where your man cave might go. (Yes, you deserve one.) While searching for new homes for sale, talk to your lady about your need for private space. But be forewarned: She might want a lady cave of her own.

1) The finesse to negotiate a private space. If square footage is at a premium in your home, you might have to pull out the stops and agree to make dinner a few more times a week (if you're not the chef de cuisine already). Good spaces for a man cave include an attic, a section of the basement, a garage, or any spare room that gives you a chance to be left alone.

2) A cave concept. Think about how you want to spend time in your cave. Do you want to watch sports and drink beer? You'll need a large flat-screen television (or two or three!) and a kegerator. If you want to listen to music, set up a killer stereo system. Hoping to play cards with your buddies? A poker table, a humidor, and ventilation system might be the ticket.

3) Decorating vision. Besides solitude, you'll need man cave décor that reflects your unique manliness. Ideally, this includes items that won't be tolerated in the rest of the house: Sports pennants and memorabilia, neon signs, and old album covers all might do the trick. Great Big Canvas has an excellent selection of stylish artwork perfect for a man cave: We like their prints of James Bond, vintage cars, classic movies, and Muhammad Ali.

4) Comfortable furniture. Comfort is key if you plan on spending hours in your cave (and you know you will). You'll need a sofa that's big enough for friends (or for you to take a nap). Choose furniture fabrics that won't get ruined if you accidentally spill a Mountain Dew.

5) Exercise equipment. Think free weights, a bench press, or a punching bag—anything that will continue to keep you manly.

Ryan Homes Tip: Install comfortable lighting: Don't put fluorescent lights on the ceiling; go for dimmable lights.