How to Build a Lady Lair

Virginia Woolf had it so right: A woman needs a room of her own.

True Style

Make it feminine. Make it a sanctuary that will make him feel unmanly. That's how you create a proper lady lair.

What You'll Need for Your Lair:

Sure You Love Them, But…

Every adult needs alone time. So, if you're shopping for new family homes, do think about a space you can call your own. And because he's a good guy, think about a spot for a man cave, too.

1) A lady space. Obviously, the fantasy would be to have a suite like Mariah Carey. But since none of us will ever be Mariah, set up your lair in an extra bedroom, the attic, or a hidden room in the basement. All would be fantastic.

2) Décor fit for a lady. Do your decorating fantasies include leopard-print chairs and oversized Mongolian pillows? Your lair is just the spot for those items. But that's a glam approach. Depending on your style, your lair can be Zen (all natural fabric drapes, bamboo arrangements), crafty (shelves stocked with scrapbooks, ribbon, and beads), or anything you want it to be.

3) Lady foods. Why not set up a mini refrigerator to store your Prosecco and Diet Coke? Needless to say, the fridge is also a great spot for the chocolate and gourmet cheeses that your friends will love to snack on. (Note: only nearest and dearest should be invited.)

4) Lady inspiration. Fill your space with inspiration. Frame your favorite Quotable Cards, install a corkboard to display funny illustrations and photos, pile up a table with back issues of Women's Health or anything else that helps you remember that you're better than any gift from Tiffany.

5) Lady activities. This is the ideal nook to read your book in peace, meditate, polish your nails, or just talk on the phone. Make sure you have an iPod docking station to bump your tunes, and a television and DVD player so you can watch movies that might be inappropriate for young eyes.

Ryan Homes Tip: Need some style inspiration? We think Decorate (Chronicle Books) is a perfect place to start.