Great Art Arrangement Ideas

Clever art arranging makes the most of your favorite photos and artwork.

True Style
Arrange art with Ryan Homes
  • We like placing all of our images in similar frames. All-black frames with white matting is a good option.

Midwestern Love

Low crime, ample space, and Midwestern friendliness are just a few of the reasons to think about living in a Ryan Home in Indiana. New homes in the Hoosier State offer great quality of life and easy access to Indianapolis. Indy 500, anyone?

  • Lean and layer pieces on a mantel or against a wall and combine it with other collectibles.
  • Another idea we like: Install picture shelves for your art. This can work really well down a hallway.
  • Before you start hammering holes in your wall, trace your framed pieces on paper, and tape them up with painters tape. This way you'll get a sense of how your arrangement will look.
  • We like placing artwork in unexpected places, such as the kitchen or the powder room.

Ryan Homes Tip: How about facilitating an art swap in your Ryan Homes community? One neighbor's cast-off painting is another neighbor's treasure.