Elegant Halloween Home Decorating

This year, we're feeling classy and taking a more refined approach to Halloween home decorating.

True Style

Are you planning to decorate your new home for Halloween? Anyone can put a bunch of foam gravestones in front of the house. Why not take a more elegant approach? You can easily bring the following ideas to life with a quick visit to your local—or online—crafts store.

Fancy Pumpkins

Turn your supermarket pumpkins into chi-chi accessories by adding a little glitz with glitter and glue-on rhinestones. Or add a little meow to your usual gourd by slipping a black lace stocking

Classy and Crawling Roses

Put a big bouquet of white roses together in a black vase and sprinkle small, black plastic spiders all over the blooms. This would make a great centerpiece on a dining room or coffee table. Enchanting Plumes Forget the sticky, fake cobwebs that are ubiquitous this season. Upgrade your Halloween home decorating by hanging a black feather wreath on your front door and winding a garland of black feathers up your staircase. Bewitching, no?

Easy 'n' Creepy Arrangements

Here's a good one: Fill a clear vase with small orange pumpkins and tall tree branches or curly willow to create a dramatic and spooky “bouquet.”

A Gourd-eous Mantel

Create a stylish Halloween display by lining up nine or 10 small, plain pumpkins along your mantel. Look for pumpkins with unusual stems and shapes to create a more interesting arrangement.