Create a DIY Headboard

Add some cheap and chic oomph to your bedroom with our creative headboard ideas.

True Style
DIY with Ryan Homes

The Vintage Mirror
How about hanging a large ornate mirror at the head of your bed? It's a great way to add Old World elegance, light, and really open up your space. Follow our lead here:

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  • The mirror should be wide enough and tall enough to frame the entire space. Just make sure it is well attached to your wall with strong mirror clips, which are easily found at your local hardware store.
  • Plus, mirrors can be heavy, so be sure to have a friend on hand to help you lift the mirror and affix it to the wall.

The Mantel Headboard

  • Vintage fireplace mantels or other pieces of architectural salvage are great ways to “crown” the head of your bed.
  • Look for mantels with interesting flourishes or do something we've tried: create texture with a standard mantel by applying a gilded metallic paint treatments or glazes.

The Storage Headboard
If you're like us, and you always need places to put your extra stuff, install shelving over your bed for a clean, geometric look. You can use the shelves to show off your favorite collectibles, photos, and books.

The Door Way
Old doors are an unexpected choice at the head of the bed. We've found some at the local salvage yard, or for some Eastern flair, you can purchase a door from a shop that specializes in Asian décor.

  • Other “door ideas” include wrought iron gates, barn doors, shutters, doors with simple geometric patterns, or ones with ornate flower detailing—it all depends on the look you're going for.

Ryan Homes Tip: Visit local flea markets or consignment shops for vintage headboards and bed frames.
If it's a great piece (lucky you), just embrace its worn vintage look. But if it's a standard wood headboard, add a dose of whimsy and paint it a bright red or yellow, or sand and glaze it with a whitewash for a “shabby chic” look.