New Construction vs. Resale: Which Is Better?

It’s a common question among house-hunters. Buy a brand spankin’ new house or a resale? Here are our thoughts.

Savvy Homebuying

If you’ve already started your home search, you’ve undoubtedly become familiar with what you want in a home (and what you don’t). Now let’s add another element to the equation—new vs. resale. Both have their virtues.

The Pros of New Construction

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It’s All New! — From sophisticated electrical wiring to up-to-date plumbing, a newly constructed house is less likely to experience the shorts, leaks, and back-ups common in older homes. Plus, quality homebuilders offer their customers guarantees on materials, mechanical systems, and coverage against structural defects.

Green Construction — Many new homes—and Ryan Homes in particular—pay close attention to energy-efficiency. With features like airtight doors and windows, advanced insulation technologies, modern appliances, new homes not only save money on utility bills, they help save the planet (and that’s nice).

Be Choosey — When you build a new house, you choose the countertops, the cabinets, the flooring, the light fixtures and more. You don’t have to buy someone else’s funky decorating choices from the 1980s. Some builders (like Ryan Homes) offer custom paint and trim packages so you can have every detail the day you move in.

It’s Modern — New homes offer things like open kitchens, spacious closets, and media rooms. They’re designed for the way we live today.

I Want My House Here! — When you’re buying in a new community, you can choose where you are in the subdivision. Do you want a house that backs to the woods? Or maybe something in a cul de sac? Often the choice can be yours.

The Pros of Resale

History Lessons — Mid-century and even older homes can offer original, historic details and charm that can’t be exactly replicated in a new house. If you’re someone who loves the patina of old shutters and slightly uneven floors, resale might be a draw for you.

Urban Locations — Unlike most new construction homes, which are in the suburbs, resale homes are often located closer to the center of urban areas. If you work right in the city, you could have a shorter commute.

Mature Landscaping — A resale home is more likely to have an old tree in the front yard. Plantings have had time to mature, and they could offer a lushness that new homes have to wait several years for.

Evolved Neighborhoods — Older homes are in neighborhoods with more established characters. They have a history behind them with people who may be living in the community for generations. And who doesn’t like a good story now and again

Ryan Homes Tip: After buying a new construction home, learn all the manufacturers’ care and cleaning suggestions. It’s the best way to keep your house in tip-top shape.