How to Choose the Not-Yet-Built Home

Does building a house from scratch seem overwhelming? Here are some things to consider so you can relax.

Savvy Homebuying

You like the neighborhood. Check. You've done your research. Check. But how do you choose what kind of home to build and where to construct it? Start here.

Choose Your Lot Wisely

Homebuilders in Maryland

Needless to say, there are lots of choices out there when it comes to building a home. Shameless plug: Ryan Homes is one of the most respected homebuilders in Maryland. We have phenomenal offerings throughout the state.

  • Pay attention to traffic. Even though the pricing can be better on homes that are built on well-traveled roads, make sure you know you can tolerate the noise and traffic. Busy roads are something to think twice about—especially if you have young children.
  • Determine how close you want to be to your neighbors. If it's a brand-new community, make sure you're clear on how much space will exist between homes—and if it's something you're comfortable with.
  • Size up the view. If your home is being built on or near undeveloped property, find out what future plans are. Are they residential? Commercial? A park perhaps? Educate yourself.

Pick the Right Model for You

  • Walk the floor plans of different homes. See what feels comfortable to you. Is the house logically laid out? Is it too small for your needs? Too big? Does it have enough closet space and storage for your needs?
  • Understand the real deal with the model home. When viewing a new home builder's model home, ask the sales agent how much it would be as is. You want to ascertain exactly what's included in the purchase price and which items are considered upgrades.

It's Nice to Upgrade

  • Consider upgrades that add value to a house. Perhaps the doggie shower is unnecessary. But, if it works in your budget, you might want to consider upgrading to better carpets, hardwood floors, cabinets, and tiling. Remember, things like storage space, finished basements, and fenced-in backyards can be valuable if you sell the home in the future.
  • Check with your lender. Since you've probably started the mortgage process by this point, find out if your lender will lend on all the upgrades you've chosen. If your lender will not finance all of your choices, you will be required to pay for your selections in cash.

Ryan Homes Tip: If there are any changes after you sign the contract, get them in writing. Don't rely on oral promises—they're impossible to enforce.