Building a New Home

Ever wonder how much time it takes to build a house? It's faster than you think.

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Building a New Home with Ryan Homes

Although we can't speak for all home builders out there, we do know that with Ryan Homes, building a new house can take as short as four months. Here's how it all plays out for a typical single-family house—although construction times vary based on region and the time of year.

The Preparation: Layout and Stakeout

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Our engineers carefully plan the community layout and site each home in a way that is visually pleasing. Then, the purchased home site is cleared and staked out. And so it begins.

Week 1: Excavation and Footing

The site is excavated by big ol' machines, with special attention to grading the land to promote proper drainage. We then install what's called the footer, a concrete base below the frostline. The foundation of the house sits on the footer.

Week 2–3: Foundation

Load-bearing walls of masonry or concrete create one of four types of foundations: full basement, knee-wall, crawl space, or slab. The foundation is then carefully inspected.

Week 4–5: Framing

The floor, wall, and roof framing form the “skeleton” of the home. But here's how Ryan Homes is different: We use a state-of-the-art panelized construction method. Our computer-generated designs are fed into laser saws, cutting down on time and human error. It's also more environmentally friendly. After a framing inspection, exterior finishes are applied.

Week 6–7: Mechanicals and Insulation

The “heart and lungs” of the house are installed: The heating and cooling system, the plumbing lines, and the electrical system. Insulation appropriate to the local climate is installed in the walls and attic.

Week 7–8: Drywall

Interior walls and ceilings are finished with drywall, sometimes called gypsum board. Then they're sanded, primed, and receive a first coat of paint.

Week 9: Flooring and Trim

The buyer's choice of ceramic tile or vinyl flooring is installed and a trim carpenter installs doors, cabinets, and molding.

Week 10: Paint

All interior surfaces are treated with two coats of paint.

Week 11: Final Trades

Electrical and plumbing professionals install plugs, light fixtures, faucets, and appliances. All systems are checked.

Week 12: Carpet and Wood Flooring

Carpet and hardwood flooring are installed according to the homebuyer's design selections. The home is then thoroughly cleaned.

Week 12–13: Third-Party Inspection

A third-party inspects the home with a fresh set of eyes. He ensures that the home is complete and ready to settle prior to the pre-settlement demonstration.

Week 13: Pre-Settlement Demonstration

Just before settlement, the homebuyer receives a thorough review as well as a systems and features orientation. All questions are answered before you move in.

Ryan Homes Tip: Home builders vary greatly by reputation. To find out more about our commitment to quality, visit our website.