Saving Energy in Summer

Looking to shave a few bucks off your energy bill? Read our summertime tips.

Living Green
Tips from Ryan Homes: Saving Energy in Summer

If saving energy in summer is top of mind, follow these easy steps to lower your utility bill. You'll also be giving a friendly hug to the planet.

  1. Give your oven a rest and whip up summer salads instead. If you want to prepare something hot, use your stovetop, microwave or outdoor grill instead—they don't heat up the house.
  2. Operate your thermostat the smart way. Set it to 78 degrees while you're home and 85 degrees when you're away.
  3. Don't place your television or floor lamps near your thermostat; the heat they give off will throw off the thermostat's programming.
  4. Give your ceiling fans a whirl. You might be able to set your thermostat a bit higher. (Just remember to turn them off when you leave the room.)
  5. Remind the kids to keep windows and doors closed while the AC is on.
  6. Pull down the shades during the day, so the direct sun doesn't heat things up.
  7. If summer outages are a problem in your area, don't run your washer and dryer from 4pm to 6pm, which are considered peak hours.
  8. Have a pool? Lucky you! Cut back the operating time of your pool filter and cleaning sweeper to four to five hours, and run them between 9pm and 7am, which is an off-peak energy time.
  9. Love the smell of fresh laundry? Line-dry your clothes and sheets (however, if the neighbors can see into your yard, consider drying your under-things inside).
  10. Don't be a water waster. Run your dishwasher and washing machine only when they're fully loaded.
  11. Take advantage of the longer days and keep the lights off until dark (besides, summer light is just so pretty).
  12. Replace AC filters if they're dirty or old—it will keep your system running like it should.
  13. Avoid energy vampires. If you're not using appliances like your toaster or computer, unplug them from the wall so they don't suck in unwanted electricity.
  14. Take off your socks! Wear light comfortable clothes when you're home, so you stay cool and comfy.
  15. Buy a house near the beach. Ryan Homes has a terrific selection of homes on the Maryland and Delaware coast. It's always cooler near the water!