Celebrate Lower Bills

Vickie Perry has saved on her utility bills big time, living in a new Ryan home.

Living Green

Ever wonder if living in a new Ryan home can really save money and energy? Take it from Vickie Perry, someone who knows.

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Ok, so it's been a year already, but my home still looks new, smells new and feels new. A little about me: I'm super thorough and organized and I did my research before I selected to buy a property with Ryan Homes. Saving money is important to me.

That's why I was drawn to Ryan Homes. They advertised their houses as ENERGY STAR® and promised I'd save up to 30 percent on my utility bills. While I thought there would be some savings, part of me thought, yeah right.

So I totally wasn't prepared for the almost too-good-to-be-true savings that came my way. When I compared my gas, electricity and water bills between my new home and my last home—which was a townhome of approximately the same square footage, located nearby—the results were shocking. During a seven-month period between February and August I saved 35 percent overall.

I saved 46 percent on gas and water and 22 percent on electricity. What feels great is that I've been able to apply my monthly savings directly to the principal of my mortgage.

But here's the best part: I didn't put any effort into keeping my utility bills down. Zero. Zip. Nada. I like it cool in the summer and toasty in the winter, and if I want a 40-minute shower, I'm taking it. I like light-filled rooms—with the music on. I want to do laundry when I have time—which is never during the evening's off-peak hours (when electricity is cheaper).

Yet, here I am, receiving a monthly gift of lower bills. This coming year, the extra savings are taking me to visit my niece in Okinawa, Japan. Thank you, Ryan Homes!

RYAN HOMES QUESTION: Do you have an energy savings experience to share? We'd love to hear it.