Keep Pesky Moths Away

‘Tis the season for sweater-eating pests. Store your clothes the right way and stay one step ahead of their game.

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Keep moths away via Ryan Homes

Oh, no! It's almost here… Major moth season begins as spring weather begins to heat up. Here's our list of some of the best ways to protect your clothes.

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  • Always clean your winter items either in the washer or at the drycleaner before you store them away. Moths love the food stains and human smells left on wool sweaters, coats, and scarves. Just one dirty sweater can attract moths to other items, so be vigilant.
  • Some of us here have invested in cedar closets or cedar boxes, which help repel moths. When our cedar storage has lost its scent (the scent is what repels the critters), we rub the wood with sandpaper and then apply cedar oil to revive the cedar smell.
  • Airtight containers, like plastic, work best at keeping pests out. However, we've found that hot weather creates condensation in plastic. So, if you're storing your stuff in a warm place, like an attic, protect them from dampness by first wrapping them in strips of clean cotton.
  • Although mothballs are great at repelling moths, they smell awful and emit a toxic vapor that can be dangerous to little kids and pets. Instead, repel moths with sachets filled with natural botanicals such as dried cloves, sage, thyme, rosemary, or lavender. We make them ourselves and put them in our drawers and closets. But you need to replace them every couple of months, because their fragrance will fade.

Ryan Homes Tip: Replace scented sachets every couple of months because their moth repelling fragrance will fade.