Healthy Halloween Treats

Don't turn into a candy monster. Take the less scary road and try these sweet eats instead.

Keeping House

Halloween is downright scary if you're health-conscious or trying to whittle your waist. We searched the web and found these yummy and nutrition-minded products and recipes.

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Figamajigs – A total winner in the dried fruit family, figs are packed with fiber, calcium, potassium and iron. These fat-free fig bars,covered in dark chocolate, are truly delicious. You can find products from Figamajigs on Amazon, too.

Dark Chocolate – If you're going to eat chocolate, go for the dark kind. Look for chocolate with a cocoa content of 75 to 80 percent to get the most fiber, iron and magnesium for your buck. And if you can help it, don't morph into a vampire and eat a whole bar—just have a bite at a time.

Gummy Candy – Hail to the gummy spiders, the gummy worms and other gelatin-shaped creatures. Gummy candy is a fat-free treat, with 17 pieces at only140 calories.

Spiced Apple Cider – Don't resort to stealing your kid's candy after he's gone to bed. Cozy up to a mug of spiced apple cider instead. This recipe from Health will tame the sugar freak within.

Banana Ghosts – The food writers at iVillage suggest popping a half of banana on a wooden stick, dipping it in orange juice, and then rolling it in shredded coconut. Make your “ghost” cuter with chocolate chips for eyes and a raisin mouth.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie – Impress your friends with this recipe courtesy of Whole Foods Market. It's chock full of vitamin A, potassium and fiber—and way healthier than eating a piece of pie.

100 Grand Bar – If your inner ghoul is crying for candy chaos, the editors at Women's Health say this old-time favorite is the healthiest choice they've found. Although it comes in at 190 calories and 8 grams of fat (5 saturated), they say it's a better choice than the infamous Snickers bar.