20 Resolutions for the New Year

Amp up the fabulousness of your home with these gotta-do resolutions.

Keeping House

A new year is almost here. Don't bother with exercise and diet promises. Focus on making your home more special instead!

1) Paint a bathroom in a high-gloss, bright color. Glossy paint reflects light and adds an injection of glamour into a small space.

2) Add a dramatic plant to your garden landscape. Every garden needs at least one element that says, “Look at me!”

New Year’s Resolution: Buy a Home

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3) Organize your garage with labeled containers. Don't waste another minute in 2013 searching through a mess.

4) De-clutter one room every month. Totally manageable, right?

5) Invest in a few stylish window treatments.

6) Clean out your medicine cabinet and toss ancient prescriptions. That antibiotic from 2001 isn't going to help you anymore.

7) Be a friendly neighbor: Wave hello to someone who just moved into the community.

8) Give away clothes that no longer fit—or won't ever fit again (the truth will set you free).

9) Add some panache with new throw pillows. We can't get enough of the selection at West Elm.

10) Frame posters and prints that have been rolled up forever. That Bruce Springsteen concert poster might look really cool in your office.

11) Start an herb garden. Food tastes so much better with fresh ingredients.

12) Free your photos from your hard drive. Find your favorites and create photo books you can display on your coffee table.

13) Organize your front hall closet. If it's getting too crowded, store your items by the season.

14) Toss your shabby comforter and upgrade to something better. Overstock.com has the greatest prices around on comforter sets.

15) Find a smarter way to organize your jewelry so all your necklaces don't get tangled.

16) Simplify your pots and pans cabinet. Do you really need three colanders?

17) Experiment with a new dinner recipe once a month. Butternut Squash Soup with Chicken Sausage, anyone?

18) Clean under your bed. Those dust bunnies are turning into dust dogs.

19) Refinish an old piece of furniture yourself. You can do it.

20) Edit your spice rack. That bottle of cloves you bought several Christmases ago has definitely lost its punch. Spices should be replaced once a year.

Ryan Homes Tip: Appreciate owning a home and the luxury of safety and warmth. (We all need to remind ourselves of that now and again.)