18 Home Resolutions (for the whole family)

Encourage the whole family to commit to New Year's resolutions (so you can enjoy each other a little more).

Keeping House

If it's the little things that drive you bananas, tack up this list of house chores where everyone can see them. This year, put an end to simmering frustrations and work as a team to create a better, saner house.

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1) Don't just flatten. Fluff. Puff up the couch pillows before you head upstairs for the night.

2) The dishes like the cave. Put dirty plates directly in the dishwasher—not the sink.

3) They also like to escape. Is the dishwasher full of clean dishes? Empty it.

4) Our home isn't a train station. Finished with the newspaper? Recycle it.

5) And we're not the local Exxon. Keep the car garage door shut (the house looks neater that way).

6) Remove all toothpaste blobs from the sink. Especially if they're blue.

7) Awesome that you washed your face. But if you splashed the bathroom mirror, wipe it clean.

8) Please talk to me. Don't bring your cell phone to the dining table.

9) Channel your inner busboy. Wipe the countertops after every meal or snack.

10) Be nice to Fido. Don't just refill the dog's food bowl in the morning. Wash it first.

11) Squeeze the Charmin. Refill the toilet paper if you used the last sheet.

12) The furniture can't read. Turn off the light when you leave the room.

13) This isn't Romper Room. If you're a kid and you can read this, put away your toys every night.

14) Befriend the sponge. Did your lasagna splatter inside the microwave? Clean it up.

15) It's just a few more inches. Shut the closet doors all the way.

16) Say no to fuzzy food. Haven't cleaned out the refrigerator in a while? It's probably your turn.

17) Pretend you're Top Chef. Let's take turns making dinner (or ordering in).

18) Living under one roof can be hard. So, let's give each other a kiss and a hugevery day.


Ryan Homes Question: What would you add to this resolution list?