Jobs in Nashville

Nashville might be a music capital, but even the tonally challenged have a good shot at making it in this town that's full of myriad opportunities.

Jobs in Nashville

It's pretty well known that Nashville is a major center of the music industry. So it would make sense that the entertainment business largely fuels the city's economy. According to City Data the city pulls in something north of a billion dollars a year from record sales. And with the industry's enormous footprint come recording studios, booking agencies, music publishing, and promotional firms. Huge performance rights associations like BMI and Broadcast Inc., and record labels such as Capitol, Columbia and Warner Brothers, are major players in the market for jobs in Nashville.

But what you might not have known is that the entertainment industry isn't the only thing lining Nashville's pockets. In fact, the city has an extremely diverse economy. With a strong mix of private and public industries, Nashville is a huge player in the financial, healthcare and education sectors, to name a few.

Among those education players is Vanderbilt University—Nashville's largest employer, according to Kiplinger Magazine–an employer that will be generating ever more healthcare, education and service jobs. But they're just one of the 21 colleges and universities in the area. Best of all, TIME Magazine mentioned that 60% of the massive student population in Nashville is staying there post graduation. A great sign of a booming job market and a fun young city.

What's as great as the jobs in Nashville is the city's affordability. Nothing pairs quite as well as a flourishing job market and a cost of living below the national index, and far below some other major metropolitan areas.

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