Explore Myriad Healthcare Jobs in Indianapolis

Enjoy big-city culture at small-town prices—and an abundance of healthcare-related job opportunities—in the Indianapolis region.

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If you're a healthcare professional looking for a location with a thriving job market, you might want to consider heading to the Midwest to one of the fastest-growing healthcare markets: Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis area is known for its comfort, vibrant local culture, and economic prosperity. Raytheon and General Motors are among the city's top employers, and the Indianapolis job market has remained strong and stable in areas ranging from finance to education to heavy manufacturing. However, with more healthcare facilities sprouting up in Marion County, and many more slated to emerge in the coming years, healthcare jobs in Indianapolis rank at #5 of the 10 fastest-growing job sectors in Central Indiana.

Take, for instance, Downtown Indianapolis' BioCrossroads. One of the largest life science initiatives in the country, BioCrossroads is quickly becoming a leading contributor to the booming Indianapolis health care economy. The mix of private, public and government business has provided the ever-expanding downtown area with numerous jobs in the healthcare industries, including medical education, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotech, laboratories and health information technology. Not surprisingly, the industry's great success in this locale is prompting other companies to move in.

Over the past few years, the Indianapolis metro area has welcomed big-name pharmaceutical players like Eli Lilly and Company, Cook Group, Roche Diagnostics, and Biomet. This region also hosts the headquarters or a number of Fortune 500 companies such as WellPoint, the largest healthcare company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Indianapolis continues to grow rapidly, and with top-tier schools like Purdue University, Indiana University Health and the University of Notre Dame nearby, you can expect more healthcare jobs in Indianapolis to emerge. And yet, despite it being the second-largest city in the Midwest, Indianapolis is one of the rare places where you can enjoy a big-city lifestyle at small-town prices. And with a low cost of living, and bustling economy, it's no wonder Indianapolis remains an attractive option for homebuyers—especially those employed or seeking employment in the healthcare industry.